Mrs. Sandeep Aulakh

Mrs. Sandeep Aulakh

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Dip Dent Hygiene Sweden 2006
GDC no: 104794

Sandeep qualified as a Dental Hygienist from Malmo University, Sweden in 2006. After working in Sweden for a short time, she registered herself with the GDC and moved to the UK. She has gained 14 years of valuable experience in Dental Hygiene by working alongside Periodontists in private and mixed practices across Surrey and Middlesex. Sandeep takes pride in her empathetic, caring, thorough and patient-orientated approach whilst carrying out routine hygiene treatments for adults, children and non-surgical periodontal treatments.

In addition to the above qualification, she also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from the Lund University, Sweden.

Sandeep is a busy mum of two, she leads an active lifestyle including Gym, high-intensity workouts, running and mountain climbing, and working towards the goal of finishing the Three Peaks Challenge in the near future.

Sandeep Aulakh