Terms and conditions

Last updated 01/07/23

We always strive to arrange appointments at a time convenient for our patients. If you have made an appointment that you subsequently find you cannot keep, please provide us with as much notice as possible. This way, we can offer the appointment to another patient who may require immediate attention. If you give us less than 2 working days' notice to cancel an appointment, a charge of £120 per hour for private appointments and a flat charge of £35 per 30-minute appointment for hygienist appointment may apply. These charges are in place to cover the costs of the practice and the time of our clinical staff.

No charge will be incurred for NHS appointments. However, if two NHS appointments are "cancelled at short notice (less than 2 working days’ notice" or "not attended", we may reluctantly have to withdraw our NHS services from you. In such a scenario, if you are midway through a course of treatment, we will have to conclude your current treatment. Starting a new course of treatment will always require a new NHS dental patient charge.

If you are an Iosis Careplan patients, two examination appointments and two hygienists appointments are included in your annual plan. If you fail to attend or late cancel any of these appointments then they will be deducted from your allocation.

Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances such as staff sickness or equipment failure, we may have to cancel your appointment or experience delays at the clinic. We will make every effort to minimize such occurrences and provide you with as much notice as possible to reschedule your appointment.

We kindly request that you inform us if you are running late for your appointment. While we will do our best to accommodate you, please note that being 5 or more minutes late in a busy clinic may require us to reschedule your appointment. This helps us maintain punctuality for the convenience of all patients.

As a courtesy, we may send you a letter, email, or text message to remind you of your appointment. However, the responsibility for attending the appointment lies with you, and we ask that you regularly and punctually attend your appointments.

Additionally, as a courtesy, we may notify you via letter, email, or text message when your next check-up appointment is due. However, it is your responsibility to schedule your regular check-up appointments. The frequency of these appointments will be discussed with you by your dentist.

Payment Policy

Our practice policy is to provide patients with full information about the cost of their dental care before commencing any treatment.

In compliance with NHS regulations, it is our policy to collect NHS patient charges in advance of any NHS appointments, usually at the time of booking. Our dentists will be unable to proceed with your appointment if full payment has not been made. NHS dental patient charges will be collected as follows: 

  • Band 1 - £25.80: Paid in full at the time of booking the appointment.
  • Band 2 - £70.70: Paid in full at the time of booking the treatment appointment.
  • Band 3 - £306.80: £153.40 paid on booking the treatment appointment and a further £153.40 paid when attending the first treatment appointment.

For all private appointments, a deposit of £2 per minute for the length of the appointment will be required before booking, except for treatment plans over £500, where a 50% deposit will be payable before treatment is carried out.

For hygienist appointments a deposit of £35 per 30min will be charged at the time of booking the appointment.  

If you are unable to settle your bill, we reserve the right to suspend treatment until payment is made and to not schedule future appointments with you.

You may pay for your dental care in cash, debit card, or credit card. For further information, please consult our receptionists.

Violence and Abuse

We consider it essential for our patients and staff to be able to work without fear of violence, abuse, or harassment. We take our responsibility to them very seriously. Therefore, we reserve the right to cease providing services to individuals who engage in any act of violence or non-physical assault against our staff or patients.