Preventing Respiratory Infections Update

Dear patients, 

Like you, we are very happy that COVID restrictions have lifted and our community is getting back to normal. However, the COVID period thought us some better ways to prevent the spread of respiratory infections in our clinic. So to keep you and our staff safe we will carry on to provide the following:

  • We will ask you if you have any cold and flu symptoms prior to your appointment and if you do, we ask you to let us know and not attend the clinic until you are better
  • We will supply you with a face mask if you wish to use one while you are in the clinic
  • We will provide you with antiseptic hand gel and we encourage you to clean your hands when you enter the clinic and on exit
  • We will keep our enhanced cleaning routine to clean and disinfect high touch areas such as door handles and hand rails, throughout the day
  • We have added mechanical ventilation devices to our surgeries to ensure a good circulation of air while you are having your treatment

Reception team
Iosis Dental Clinic

Update 08-06-22