Mrs. Terrie Robinson

Mrs. Terrie Robinson

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CEB Cert in Dental Hygiene 1981
GDC no: 2293

I qualified in Dental Hygiene at the Royal Army Dental School in 1981.  Part of their programme was to train civilians. I developed my passion for Hygiene after nursing for an enthusiastic Dental Hygienist. After qualifying i took a Diploma in Dental Health Education, which enabled me to participate in Dental Health Education in schools.

I am continuously updating my professional skills either with peers or online, which keeps me motivated.  I love my job as it is interesting and challenging at times.  My role in dentistry has changed and evolved over the years with a more holistic approach,  I recently trialled a new toothpaste ( Biomin )with a patient study. There are always new products and concepts and a shift to incorporate Cosmetic Dentistry and Implants.

If there is one message to give it would be Good Oral Hygiene is achievable by everyone, leading to better well being and preventing other complications.

Terrie Robinson