Miss. Katie Mitchell

Miss. Katie Mitchell

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I decided to start training as a dental nurse as I've always had an interest in dentistry. I started as a receptionist in a dental practice and decided I wanted to grow and my knowledge and start training as a dental nurse. I enjoy doing this because you learn something new everyday so your knowledge is always expanding, also everyday is different you never know what is going to happen, this is what makes the job interesting. I also love meeting loads of people and knowing when they walk out they are happy. Working as a receptionist let me get an insight of what it was like being a dental nurse, as well as giving me a little background knowledge of dentistry and I knew I wanted to take my career further.  

Outside of work I enjoy meeting up with friends and going to the gym, I also love travelling around the world and wanted to be cabin crew when I was younger, as well as studying travel at college for two years. 

Katie Mitchell


Katie wins "Best Start to Dental Nursing - Oct 20"

Katie Michell