The "New Normal": what to expect at your next appointment


  • We will email you an appointment confirmation
  • We will also email you a COVID-19 declaration form
  • We will also email you several mandatory NHS forms
  • Please fill in these forms online as soon as you get them
  • Please note that without these forms we are not able to see you
  • If you have ANY questions please let us know prior to your appointment and we will call you to discuss


    •  Make sure you have had something to eat, used the toilet & brushed your teeth
    • You MUST be wearing a face covering / mask
    • Please leave all your belongings in the car and try not to bring any heavy coats with you
    • Unless essential – please come to your appointment alone
    • When you arrive please queue outside and wait
    • One of our staff will greet you and check your paperwork
    • They will ask you to sanitise your hands with gel
    • They may ask you to pay for your appointment in advance. Only card payments will be accepted


    • Please relax. We have it all in hand and leave it to us to look after you
    • Once you have arrived one of our staff will guide you to the surgery
    • If you need to wait, we have two waiting rooms with social distancing screens which you can use
    • Do not worry if you see our staff in enhanced PPE. They will look very similar to the hospital doctors on TV. Please also reassure your children. We still have the same smiley face under the mask.
    • You will be asked to sit in the dental chair without touching any surfaces
    • We may ask you to use a mouthwash for 1 minute
    • At the end of your procedure, you will be asked to sanitise your hands
    • One of our staff will guide you out of the surgery and back to reception


    •  Any extra instructions will be sent to you via email
    • You will be guided back to reception, who will check you out.
    • Our staff will then guide you to the exit