Mrs. Samantha Hill

Mrs. Samantha Hill

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BSc Dental Hygiene & Dental Therapy Portsmouth 2011
GDC no: 173837

I am a trained dental therapist qualified in 2011, GDC registered. As a therapist  I can offer a wide array of treatments. I can help patients in a number of ways, starting from diagnostics and continuing all of the way to post-treatment check-ups. I am able to perform x-rays and other assessments to check the condition of your mouth and teeth which means that I can check for any signs of abnormalities or conditions such as oral cancer.

Routine restorations on both baby teeth and adult teeth can also be carried out by me, so it’s possible that the next time you need a filling I may be the person performing the procedure for you.

Facial aesthetics

Facial aesthetics is my special area of interest. I have trained extensively in this area and am fully insured. I can offer a complete facial aesthetics service that includes in-depth consultations for wrinkle reduction and skin enhancement.

I am an advanced practitioner and always keen to keep up to date with new trends and legislative requirements within the industry by attending annual conferences and masterclasses. A passionate and committed professional it is my aim to provide the very best personalised service by offering a complete package that maintains faces rather than changing them. So if you are looking to improve your skin quality, replace lost collagen or enhance the natural shape of your lips I can offer bespoke treatments to suit your needs.

At Iosis I offer full facial rejuvenation and advanced treatments such as Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in cheeks, chin or jawline together with the amazing Profhilo or Sunekos skin hydrating treatments

More and more of us, male and female, are seeking some kind of facial enhancement or are looking to slow down the ageing process, so the provision of these treatments should no longer be just for the rich and famous, but accessible for all.

I offer a full consultation free of charge to address all of your skincare issues and needs. In the relaxed and modern Iosis clinic, I offer treatments that really do make a difference and are individually tailored to ensure you get the very best results and feel happy throughout.

I look forward to seeing all the lovely Iosis patients.


Samantha Hill