Ms. Ashlene Fitzsimmons

Ms. Ashlene Fitzsimmons

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I have now been with Iosis for 4 years, one of the longest places I have worked due to the lovely patients we see every day and the members of staff who have become like family to me.

I have been here a long time now, I have formed attachments with our patients on one to one level and feel very strongly about going above and beyond for them. It’s a very rewarding job to have, its lovely to feel like you have helped someone as much as you can and it be recognised. Coming to the dentist may not be an enjoyable experience for most people, greeting everyone with a friendly smile and kind nature can go a long way and make our patients feel less nervous, reviews as of recent have certainly proved this!

A massive part of my role is customer service and organisation, which I would like to think I accomplish very well and this shows through my work and how well run reception is.

One of the things I love about my job is helping people every day, it rewards me to know I have helped people from severe pain to just popping a check up in for them & offering advice – I enjoy working here, but the patients make it all that much nicer.

If I could send a simple message to our patients it would be… thank you, thank you for always being so lovely and understanding of busier times. ‘The more the merrier’ recommend us to your friends and family, we would love to hear feedback. As always, I look forward to seeing you back at the practice!

Ashlene Fitzsimmons


6 October 2020 - Congratulations

Beautiful flowers for Ashlene from one of our patients for her fantastic customer service. Thank you so much Ashlene, for making Iosis a wonderful dental practice for our patients.

Flowers for great customer service